The opening of the exhibition entitled „European Order Knight Traditions“Jedlina Zdrój 15 April 2016

                                       KNIGHT CULTURE – PAST ETHOS OR LASTING TRADITION ?

On 15 April Jedlinka Palace hosted the opening of the exhibition entitled „European Order

Knight Traditions” co – organized by the Institute of Knight Culture. The exhibition presents

original documents granting European knight orders and source documents pertaining to the

history of the Military Order of Malta, the Teutonic Order and the Order of Saint Sebastian

whose Prior, Prince Charles Louis de Merode assumed auspices over the exhibitions. It is a

great opportunity to discover examples of extraordinary calligraphic forms of documents

prepared by offices of European monarchs, e.g. parchment documents issued by the courts in

Jedlinka Palace is a perfect location for the exhibition and by no means coincidental. The

nearby property and castle Grodno in the 17th century belonged to the Habsburgs whose

descendand, Archduke Charles is currently the Grand Master of the Order of Saint Sebastian.

Jedlinka estate itself in the 18th century belonged to an Austrian field marshal Hans Christoph

von Seherr – Thossa who was a person particularly distinguished at the court of Maria –

This special event was also attended by a special guest – Mr Krzysztof Kurzeja, Grand Prior

of the Order of Knights Templar in Poland.


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